Domestic Abuse


CDV is an assault on a member of your domestic household, SC Code 16-25-10. Because of the concern of criminal domestic violence, the government has aggressively pursued these cases, often at the expense of innocent people. Police are often told that when they respond to a CDV complaint they must arrest one of the parties involved. That means innocent people are often arrested by the police. The State has also mandated an attorney prosecute even magistrate and municipal CDVs meaning you will be facing an experienced prosecutor. You need an experienced defense attorney on your side to make sure you are not taken advantage of.

This charge can carry serious consequences including not only jail time, but losing employment and certain constitutional rights. The CDV statute is very complicated and parts of the law have changed over time. Furthermore, if you are convicted of CDV any future offense can cause you to do even more jail time. Derek Enderlin and Susannah Ross have both seen alleged victims use the CDV statute against a defendant in order to get the defendant out of the house or to gain an advantage against the defendant in divorce court. This often occurs when the defendant has a prior CDV because the alleged victim knows the person is facing serious consequences if arrested again. Call Ross and Enderlin today so that you will know you have talked to an attorney who has represented and tried numerous CDV cases.